Electrical Distribution System Design

Sectionalizing and Switching Automation
With service reliability expectations continuing to rise, we will develop distribution automation solutions to meet your system requirements, minimize outage durations, and maintain a high level of service continuity to utility customers.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System Design
Forster Electrical Engineering will plan, design, and procure hardware to meet the specific SCADA requirements for your electrical system.

Distributed Generation Interconnection Analysis and Design
We process distributed generation (DG) applications on distributed generation projects such as photovoltaic, methane digesters, wind turbines, and hydro turbines. Power quality concerns are addressed to analyze the effects on the distribution system of interconnecting the DG. We will design the DG interconnection to ensure reliable and safe electrical service to the DG owner and the utility.

Marina Electrical System Design
Forster Electrical Engineering has designed electrical power distribution to over 10,000 boat slips throughout the country.

Wastewater Treatment Facility Electrical Distribution Design
Working with other civil engineering firms, we design power distribution systems for wastewater treatment facilities, water treatment plants, pumping stations, lift stations, and landfills. We understand the unique design required for the types of loads and corrosive or hazardous conditions of these installations.

High Power/Low Voltage System Design
When an architectural or consulting client has a project that involves a high power/low voltage service entrance or coordination with a power supplier, we will make this part of the project successful. We work with industrial clients on unique and one-of-a-kind designs for systems that range from 10,000 HP, variable-speed drives to large substations for specialized test facilities.

Institutional or Industrial Electrical System Design
We’ve designed numerous electrical facilities for public institutions and industrial facilities. The types of projects include:

  • Switchgear design low voltage (480V) and medium voltage (4,160 V—13,800V).
  • Motor control center installation and replacement.
  • Generator additions and retrofits, diesel or natural gas, on-line or standby.
  • Heating plant/power plant upgrades and remodels.
  • Code compliance and facility renovation.

Outdoor Lighting Design
We work closely with other engineering disciplines on outdoor lighting electrical systems that include roadways, athletic fields, parking lots, walkways, and marinas. We will assist with fixture selection, calculate point-to-point lumens to comply with lighting standards, coordinate the utility service, design the lighting control system, and size the supply conductors for voltage drop.