Electrical Substation Design

Substation Site Selection
Substation designs range from 138 kV to 4 kV. Forster Electrical Engineering will work with you to select a substation site, obtain required permits and authorizations, design the substation, prepare bidding documents (plans, specifications, equipment, and material lists) for substation construction, assist in the bidding process, and supervise construction to final checkout of the substation. We will provide project management items such as timelines, project updates, cash flow and budgets, review of equipment and construction invoicing, and coordination of other items you may need for a project.

Transmission System Interconnection Coordination
We will coordinate with your local transmission provider to request and obtain transmission service to your substation with a time frame appropriate for the project.

Substation Equipment Specifications
Substation equipment is a major portion of the cost for a substation. We will work with you to meet existing standards and obtain equipment items that meets your needs at a competitive price.

Substation General Arrangement and Material Specifications
We will create a design for a new substation, or for modifications to an existing substation, that meets site and owner requirements. The drawings and specifications will include the structures and materials for a complete substation package.

Substation Control Schematics and Wiring Diagrams
We will design relaying and control schemes to tie substation components together for a functional installation.

Grounding System Design
Computer modeling of soil conditions and ground grid components is used to develop a grounding system specific to the substation installation.

Foundation, Storm Water, and Oil Containment Design for Substations
We will provide these items as part of the substation design by working with a civil engineering partner. Plans are developed based on regulatory requirements, input from the facility owner, site size, soil conditions, equipment sizes, and factors associated with the site.

Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans for Substations
We will prepare a plan to meet general requirements for spill prevention control and countermeasures in accordance with Section 112.7 of the EPA federal register.

Substation Commissioning
We will provide oversight and inspection of substation installations to verify work is being constructed according to the plans and specifications. Acceptance testing of the substation equipment and installation will be coordinated with an independent testing agency to ensure proper operation of the substation.