Electrical System Computer Modeling

Load Flow and Voltage Drop Studies
Load flow and voltage drop studies are instrumental in the planning, design, and operation of distribution systems. Power flow under normal and contingency conditions will help determine overloading of electrical components and system deficiencies in order to provide a systematic plan for yearly construction to meet the growing needs of your system.

Power Factor Review and Harmonic Analysis
Computer modeling is used to apply power factor correction with harmonic analysis. A system modeled on a computer is keystrokes away from information on short circuit analysis, fuse/relay coordination, load flow analysis, voltage drop analysis, motor starting analysis, and harmonic analysis. With modeling software available in your office for system updates, we will remain available to assist you in use of the software.

Short Circuit Current Calculations
Forster Electrical Engineering will provide calculations to determine the interrupting capabilities of service entrance equipment. Other short circuit calculations, essential in order to establish minimum and maximum available fault levels on your electrical system, will aid in setting the protective devices for optimum protection.

Protective Device (Fuse/Relay) Coordination
In a situation where a fuse clears or a breaker trips, a strategy may be required to maximize the performance of an electrical system by minimizing the outage area affected under these conditions.

Arc Hazard Assessments
An arc hazard evaluation is critical in order to determine the personal protective equipment and safety procedures required to meet regulatory requirements. This assessment establishes the required protective equipment for personnel working near energized equipment for electrical systems ranging from 480 volts up to transmission voltage levels. Equipment labeling required in accordance with NEC IEEE 1584 and NFPA 70E can be accomplished for industrial applications.

Motor Starting Transient Analysis
This analysis will determine the voltage dip impact on electrical systems, using a computerized simulation program to accurately analyze all aspects of motor starting issues associated with loads such as irrigation pumps, large oil pipeline pump motors, blowers, and compressors. Various motor starter types are available to optimize the starter type to the applied electrical system.