Electrical System Documentation

Electrical System Overview Maps
It is essential to have an up-to-date map of a distribution system for contingency switching or planned maintenance. We document existing three-phase distribution systems and prepare overview maps to be used for switching purposes and system planning.

Facilities Mapping with Links to Database Records
Computers (and drafting programs that are run on them) have changed considerably since electrical systems were first drawn on a computer. These systems may now be moving toward database mapping. We can assist with combining detail maps into one drawing and setting up view ports for various detail maps. This will allow for a more seamless set of detail maps. Changes made on a master file would automatically update the detail maps.

GIS Mapping
GIS mapping can be a useful tool for designing electric lines and managing assets of an electrical system. Our involvement includes listening to needs and long term goals prior to implementing a full GIS mapping system. GIS technology in managing an electrical distribution system facilitates easier planning, faster and more accurate electrical design, and up-to-date record data.