Field Inspections and Inventories

Line Inventories/Record and Data Collection
Forster Electrical Engineering will obtain and document overhead and underground distribution line inventories on your electrical system.

GPS Location of Equipment, Poles, and Distribution Lines
Our staff can create GPS locations of electrical equipment and integrate this information with a GIS map to be used for design purposes.

RUS/CFC Inspection of Distribution Lines
Our experienced personnel will perform annual inspections of underground and overhead lines to verify they conform with applicable RUS and CFC codes and standards. Upon completion of construction work orders, line inspections are completed as required for RUS compliance.

Pad-Mounted Equipment and Pole Inspections
Pad-mounted electrical equipment inspections verify equipment is in proper working order and installations meets codes and design standards.

Utilizing the hammer/sound/visual test, we inspect poles two feet below grade for rot. We visually inspect poles above grade for deterioration from birds, insects, lightning, weather, etc. and issue a report for each pole inspected.

On-Site Construction Supervision
On an as-needed basis, our staff will provide on-site construction supervision to address construction issues and to verify installations are completed in accordance with the plans and specifications.