Insulated Power Cables

Random Sample Examination of New Cable
We will provide incoming cable quality control inspection at a reasonable cost. When you instruct your cable manufacturer to send us a sample as each reel is shipped from the factory, we will provide you with a testing report prior to cable installation. If a cable does not meet industry standards or your specifications, we will notify you immediately, give you our opinion on the cable, and contact the manufacturer for its comments. In almost every case, the manufacturer is eager to correct problems and maintain a high level of cable quality.

Our testing is designed to provide the highest cost/benefit ratio. Although factory testing exceeds incoming quality control testing, and the quality of cable produced in North America is excellent, we detect “bad days at the factory”. If testing indicates the quality of your cable is high, you will have a firm basis on which to develop confidence in your cable manufacturer.

Forster Electrical Engineering is recognized by the National Electric Cooperative Association as an approved insulated power cable testing laboratory.

Microscopic Cable Analysis
We will provide testing on failed cables or check existing cables using two-foot samples that can be conveniently removed from service and sent to our laboratory. Each sample will be tested for contaminants, water ingress, and treeing to determine the extent of cable degradation that may have occurred. Testing results can be used to prioritize replacements, allocate maintenance dollars to locations needing the most attention, and establish budgets for future work.

Power cables are usually not replaced after the first failure. Assuming a failure appears to be internal to the cable itself, our examination will provide the data necessary to make an informed decision regarding cable replacement. No test or testing laboratory can accurately predict the next failure, but we can provide valuable insight into the condition of a cable.

Failure Analysis of Cable Splices and Terminations
We will provide testing on failed splices, terminations, and elbows using two-foot samples of cable beyond the failure point. We will check for product deficiencies and installation errors. If we identify a product deficiency, the manufacturer can be contacted for an appropriate resolution. If we identify an installation error, future failure can be prevented through training and supervision.