Power Line Design

apexElectrical Distribution and Transmission Line Design
Forster Electrical Engineering is experienced in the design, construction, and operation of high voltage power lines. We will work with you to select a route for the line, obtain the required permits, design the line, prepare bidding documents (plans, specifications, and material lists) for construction, assist in the bidding process, and supervise construction to final checkout of the facility.

Surveying and Staking of Overhead and Underground Electrical Lines
Our experienced team will survey the existing facilities along a proposed line route and stake overhead and underground distribution lines for construction.

Sag and Tension Specifications and Wire Stringing Charts
As a part of the overhead line design, we prepare conductor sag and tension specifications using ALCOA Sag10 software. Wire stringing charts are prepared for the construction of overhead lines based on design requirements for each line section.

Plan and Profile Drawings for New and Existing Electrical Facilities
We will prepare plan and profile drawings necessary for the design and construction of overhead distribution lines. Vertical clearances, uplift, and electrical layouts will be verified. Plan drawings are imported from field surveyed data.

Easement Acquisition Assistance
Distribution line routes may require an easement be granted to the utility for access and maintenance. We will prepare easement location drawings and provide assistance in preparing applications for easement acquisition.

Road Right-of-Way and Regulatory Permit Acquisitions
Where overhead or underground line routes encroach a road right-of-way, we obtain regulatory right-of-way permits prior to construction from state, county, and local entities.

Customer Contact and Tree Trimming Permission
Portions of overhead line routes may require tree trimming. We will contact customers along the line route to explain the design and to obtain a tree trimming permit, if required, prior to trimming.

Joint Use Pole Attachment Structural Loading and Clearance Analysis
As communications utilities add equipment to existing or new overhead power lines, we will verify the pole structural loading meets NESC requirements on different grades of construction, and analyze if adequate code clearances are maintained. We will determine if your pole line is adequate to accommodate additional facilities and make recommendations to upgrade poles classes, where needed, to meet NESC structural loading requirements.

Line Staking Seminars and Training for Utility Employees
We present line staking seminars to linemen, staking technicians, and engineers with valuable training for the safe, reliable, and efficient design of overhead distribution lines. We offer methods on how to apply NESC rules in your line designs. We will provide your employees with on-site and in-the-field training.