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We Make Sure Municipal Utilities Keep the Lights On …

As a utility manager, you face many challenges that impact power management in your community. Limited resources and manpower can affect how assets are managed. Without the right expertise, your customers may be left in the dark and that won’t  look good for you or your team.

What you need is a group of experts that are familiar with your situation and can make sure that you have the support needed. Hiring talent with in-depth knowledge of power systems, substation design, line design, consulting, and testing will likely be more expensive than your budget allows and much of this experience will go to waste since these services aren’t needed daily.

Our team at Forster Electrical Engineering has the depth of knowledge to keep your systems running, and get you back on line quickly when the occasional interruption occurs. We also take a proactive approach to utility asset management.  Our electrical engineering consulting services will help you minimize outages while planning for asset replacement and expansion so you can budget more effectively and forecast the life of your  equipment. You will save money and significantly reduce downtime. 

We understand what you need and our passion is helping your utility be the crown jewel of your community. 

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