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Proactive. Collaborative. Knowledgeable.

Let’s face it. Good experience is hard to find. Having a full-time engineer that has the depth of experience is a costly and under-utilized resource to have as part of your team. That assumes you can find an engineer with the depth of experience needed to address all the utility situations you face.

Forster not only has engineering experience. We also have a design team to properly map out everything in your power grid. Our team can properly document your assets through our GIS mapping system. The expertise you need is there when you need it which means you can use your budget for infrastructure improvements instead of payroll.

Our clients are like family. We value our relationships with the municipalities we serve and stay in touch to proactively address concerns. That way we can stay in the know about what is going on in your utility and discover potential issues that impact continuity in your grid.

We would love to learn more about your needs. Call today to schedule an appointment for a preliminary needs review of your utility.

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